Springing from a concept to create luxurious clothing to wear at home, British designers Beverley Calvert and Susannah Manning are on a mission to create the most beautiful yet sustainable sleep & loungewear for men, women and children.

Every style created is the result of years of designing, sourcing, and producing with only the highest quality bespoke materials that are hand selected for their mix of performance and restorative qualities. Homebody’s collections include ultra-soft multitasking sleepwear, exceptionally comforting lounge tracksuits and heritage Liberty printed sets that combine to blur the lines between loungewear and nightwear. The entire collection is locally made, from design and fabric to manufacture and is all ethically produced.

Susie and Bev

The idea began when looking at how a jigsaw works: just as pieces of a puzzle fit together, linked by a pattern or a colour, this seemed like a great and exciting way to think about sleepwear and how it could evolve from just the bedroom. Instead of thinking about a PJ set in the traditional sense, Susie and Beverley have always enjoyed finding new and interesting ways styles can fit together either by colour or by design detail, offering infinitely more possibilities for the wearer and opening up how versatile sleep and loungewear can be, thanks to the beautiful luxury fabric use to make Homebody.

Another interesting note in the story is that this British design duo have, from the very beginning, over twenty years ago, taken the difficult decision to make their collections as responsibly as possible, staying with local makers to ensure that emphasis on wellbeing stretches to all who come into contact with Homebody.

From the very early days, designers Beverley and Susie have always put sleep and wellbeing high on their list of priorities and that is why they have made such a commitment to create their own fabrics that envelop the body with softness and designs that overlap the constantly moving tide of fashion. The result is much loved everlasting styles that bring something special and uplifting to all who wear Homebody.

At Homebody, the emphasis is that today, more than ever, our mental health and ability to relax is crucial and we are so grateful to make clothes that can really make a difference to everyday life.


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