“To create beautiful sleepwear that feels as good as it looks and to do so with the greatest care for our planet" - Beverley and Susie


We have been making our fabrics in the UK called ‘Modal sens’ for over twenty years to our very specific recipe.

We source all our fibres through the Lenzing group to ensure that the wood pulp used to create those fibres comes only from sustainably harvested trees. Our Modal sens fabric is derived from Tencel™ Modal fibers sourced predominantly from sustainable beechwood trees.

As beechwood trees grow, they naturally breed, eliminating the need for artificial irrigation and planting , thus resulting in a self-sustainable forest. The Tencel™ Modal fibre production process also recycles 95% of its production materials back into the manufacturing system.

It is cellulose that is the fibrous plant based material used to create the cellulosic fibres that are the foundation of our ‘Modal sens’.

Our fabrics all have the softest ‘hand feel ‘ better than any other modal available because we have created the ultimate luxurious finish. This finish along with the colour fast remains with the garment up to a hundred washes.

U.K Made 

It is a cornerstone of our brand to manufacture in England. We are committed to making every garment possible locally, with 100% of our current collection proudly made here. We are steadfast in our decision to manufacture in the UK despite the significantly higher cost compared to producing offshore.

The English textile and manufacturing industry was decimated in the late 90’s as most of our high streets moved their production to the Far East. Incredibly, a small number of factories and garment makers survived. The dedication and skill of these amazing people is what inspires us most.

At Homebody we have pledged to help rebuild a manufacturing base in the UK and to forever challenge ourselves on how we do business. Success to us will always be measured by the positive impact we can make in our community and our industry. We are passionate about revitalising the British clothing manufacturing industry, investing in our community and fostering our next generation of talented makers. At Homebody we have a fully traceable manufacturing process that begins with the sustainable LENZING fibres and finishes with the softest most luxurious Modal imaginable.

We knit, dye and finish our fabrics here in the UK minimising our carbon footprint. They are also manufactured into our sought after sleepwear and loungewear locally here in England.

Limited Edition Collections 

At Homebody we are committed to making only small amounts of clothes each season and just the amount that we need to fulfil orders, reducing the amount of clothing wastage that is reaching epidemic levels.

We are able to visit our factories regularly control all the processes of making and also to oversee the working conditions of our team on a regular basis. We have worked with our garment makers for many years and whether it be Lisa or Steph, Amanda or Angie, all know and care about not just what we make but also how we make.


Our clothes do not belong to any particular fashion or fad, they are timeless. Styles that season in and season out will stand the test of time and be well loved and worn when required. Built to last and in colours that will continue to work year after year, we believe that clothes should work as hard as we do ! All our suppliers are ethically certified and OEK-TEX 100 standar

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