Our Makers

It is the cornerstone of Homebody to manufacture in England. We are committed to making every garment possible locally, with 100% of our current collection proudly made here. We are steadfast in our decision to do so, despite the significantly higher cost compared to producing offshore.

Because we make in the UK, we visit our factory very regularly and chat to our loyal team of makers who take such pride in what they make. We oversee every aspect of the production process from fabric to garment,   ensure there is as little wastage as possible and the work conditions at our factory are of the highest standard

The English textile and manufacturing industry was decimated in the late 90’s as most of our high streets moved their production to the Far East. Incredibly, a small number of factories and garment makers survived. The dedication and skill of these amazing people is what inspires us most.

At Homebody we have pledged to help rebuild a manufacturing base in the UK and to forever challenge ourselves on how we do business. Success to us will always be measured by the positive impact we can make in our community and our industry. We are passionate about revitalising the British clothing manufacturing industry, investing in our community and fostering our next generation of talented makers.