World Sleep Day 2020 | Create a better sleep pattern

World Sleep day

Friday the 13th was World Sleep Day and as the globe struggles to cope with the Corona Pandemic, that is so shocking in both its speed and intensity, the question that crosses my mind is what we can do to help boost our immune system and support us through the illness.

We are certainly not a doctor, but at Homebody we have always focused on wellbeing and health and every article and book we have read about sleep and health, recognises the important role sleep plays in our general wellbeing.

A good bedtime routine every night creates natural bio rhythms which are vital for our health. It is a type of Lymphocyte called T cells that plays a big part in helping the body’s ability to fight disease and right now, that is what we need to be working on full capacity! It is when our sleep pattern goes out of kilter, that can lead to problems and hinder the body’s ability to fight infection and viruses.

Here are a few tips to help boost our immune system and create a better sleep pattern 

(Purely just advise – nothing medical or proven here!) and some good ways to create a better sleep pattern)

  1. Try and reduce stress, no need to worry as it won’t help! clear the mind and focus on the positives. 
  2. Watching escapist TV is a good thing, but nothing that keeps your mind too anxious.
  3. Minimise alcohol – it is not good for our immune system – sorry!
  4. Mood changes can happen by changing clothes so dress in something comfortable and soft when you get home or if you are already self isolating stay in comfort all day.
  5. If you feel well enough during the day, to get outside without being near anyone else and see the sky even for a few minutes, it is going to lift spirits and that always helps. If not make sure you open the blinds and have some daylight in the room Noticing the difference between day and night will also help achieve a better night’s sleep.
  6. Exercise is key for mind and body and never more so than now. Stretching the body – touching toes; yoga; anything that gets you moving helps the mind to escape and makes you feel more in control of the situation. However, too much exercise is also not beneficial - just a short time that involves the whole body and a bit of cardio and stretch either yoga or pilates based will help your sleep pattern.
  7. Bathing/showering before bed as part of the routine really relaxes the mind and good for removing bacteria! It is a place that again, keeps the mind relaxed and helps us all unwind and just before bed is very soothing.
  8. Switch off electrics an hour before sleep and keep all equipment – ipads, laptop and phone separately.
  9. Avoiding the news definitely before bed as it only stresses the mind and achieves nothing! – there is nothing you can do!
  10. Keeping mouth and teeth as clean as possible using antibacterial mouthwash before bed leaves a great zingy taste in the mouth and kills any nasties! Try an anti bacterial toothpaste as well!
  11. Meditation – ten minutes of a guided relaxation before bed clears the mind and helps to block out anxious thoughts. Our phones are a great resource for this and I love Stop Breath Think which I regularly use even for just five minutes.
  12. We love reading and keeping one by your bed that you can dip into but not too engaging you can’t put it down.
  13. Keeping the bedroom at a cool temperature allows you to cuddle under the duvet without getting overly hot and wearing sleepwear that adjust to the body temperature – Homebody of course.

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