World Sleep Day

At Homebody, sleep has always been the number one goal and we have always tried to maximise those precious hours of dreams and silence by creating the best experience and environment possible to encourage complete rest and relaxation.

I wanted to share with you some tried and tested tips for achieving a great sleep routine

Allow both mind and body to switch gear into a new mindset once the day is over, by reading a book, taking a warm bath or just a few minutes of deep breathing to help adjust the mind into restorative phase.

Keeping to a regular daily routine, is a great way to get good sleep and keep to it even on weekends- wake up at a similar time everyday and same for bedtime when possible.

Exercise is so good for sleep as it means muscles and bones get a good stretch – try even twenty minutes first thing in the morning.

Make the bedroom a clean space, and remove the temptation of electronic devises late at night – also no work chatter before bed, think only happy positive thoughts!

Keep the bedroom cool – the bedroom temperature is so important and too hot will feel uncomfortable and stop you from falling asleep.

One of the many benefits of wearing Homebody is our fabric which is not only thermo regulatory, in other words, it adapts to our body temperature, but it also is so soft and moves with the body during the night so smoothly, you don’t feel like you are wearing anything!

Finally, one of the key benefits of sleeping well is that it boosts our immune system and limits and even prevents infection and has been shown to play a role in improving antibody responses to vaccinations – a really good reason to give these tips a go and wear Homebody!