Why our customers keep coming back


This week I was in our showroom having a meeting with Susie on zoom, when a woman walked in and started to tell me all about the amazing pyjamas, she had bought from Homebody many years ago that she still wears and loves!

Getting that kind of feedback is incredibly heart-warming for us and it is why Homebody still exists today in a sleep and loungewear market now saturated with global brands dipping into a style of dressing that thanks to Covid, is so much part of our daily wear both in and out of the home. The reason we get such positive feedback is because Homebody works to help relax and restore us mentally and physically and we know that every piece has been made with the greatest care for our planet.

Leading London store Harrods has showcased Homebody’s men’s and childrenswear right from the beginning over twenty two years ago and each season our clients return for more – why- Because the fabrics we make, right here in the UK, blend both the ultimate softness on the skin appealing to our sense of touch, with versatile simple styles to wear at home for all the family, that are timeless original  and  will be a ‘ go- to’ reliable ‘feel good’ addition to any wardrobe.

One bit of feedback that has made a big impact on us was from Matt Rudd, journalist with the Sunday Times who called Homebody ‘magic pyjamas” – now Susie and I do not have a magic wand, however what we have created is the kind of sleep and loungewear we and our partners and children want to wear every night. Because lounge and sleepwear are what we specialise in, our focus has been from the very beginning to make clothing that enhances our ability to relax and regenerate 

We at Homebody believe that our minds can influence our general health and wellbeing and by putting the emphasis on reinventing what sleep, and loungewear can be and using a calming palette that mixes beautifully with our everyday clothes and that are made from the most beautiful quality materials that offer technical benefits such as being colour fast; and thermo regulating, well that is why our customers come back to us each season – 

Homebody really is the answer for all the family for this moment in time and always