Why are our pyjama sets so perfect for right now?

  • The exclusive Modal fabric used throughout Homebody’s collections is spun out of wood pulp from beechwood tree chips. This natural composition makes it perfect for right now as it is breathable and so suitable for wearing close to the skin. The silky look of Modal belies the fact that it does not trap perspiration and therefore leaves the skin freer to breathe and why it is so ideal to sleep in.
  • Then a small percentage of elastane is added, to allow the fabric to adjust with the body easily, Although elastane is not breathable, only a very small quantity is used, it gives the fabric its much admired movement and drape that makes you completely unaware you are wearing clothes in bed.
  • ‘Modal Sens’ is composed of cellulose (a compound which gives plants their stiffness) that has been extracted, dissolved and then realigned to make a fibre. It sounds simple on paper but, trust me, it's not. Nonetheless, despite being man-made, the fibre itself is composed of long chains of the cellulose molecules lined up to make a useful filament (very long continuous fibre), not unlike silk.
  • The plant-based chemical structure that is the foundation of Homebody’s exclusive Modal sens fabric is what gives it the beautiful properties of a natural skin like feel, breathability and good moisture management.
  • It is because our Modal is plant based that the temperature of the fabric adjusts to our body temperature.
  • When you first feel Homebody’s incredibly soft to touch fabric, it feels cool to touch but after a short time, the fabric adjusts to body temperature.
  • Modal-Sens may be man-made, but chemically it is still plant based and therefore not synthetic. That's what sets it apart from Nylon or Polyester which are fully synthetic made from compounds derived from petroleum and not naturally occurring.
  • Synthetic fibres do not have the same properties of breathability or moisture management, which is why they have quite different uses. Why? It comes down to the chemistry of the base compounds and how they react with water.
  • The naturally occurring cellulose compound is attractive to water (they are said to be hydrophilic). Water molecules 'wet' the fibres and even penetrate into micro pores inside the fibre structure. This is why Modal is a water absorbing fabric. This affinity to water (and water vapour) is what helps to make this fabric so breathable.
  • The last process to creating a fabric that is so wonderful to sleep in is the finishing and it is a process that has been refined by us in the UK over many years of research to achieve the maximum softness possible.
  • Finally, even post production, our fabric is still not finished as it has to be allowed to rest unwound before being made into clothing – it’s a really involved process!
  • The reason we jump through these hoops is because it is our goal to make clothes that nurture the wearer and make us all feel good as well as look good.

We believe that the pleasure of wearing such beautifully soft clothes on the skin should be the most restorative experience possible to rest and sleep in and it is why our clothes are called magic- they really do help you learn to switch off!