What to take on holiday - The ultimate list

Packing for a holiday whether a long or short break, is always difficult as we never know what the weather will be like, if it’s a smart or casual resort or most importantly, how the weather will be, but whatever eventuality you may face there is one factor that is inevitable and that is the journey itself.

Since 9/11 the airport experience has never been more challenging and we often face long queues, endless delays and a lot of walking. There is no doubt that being prepared mentally for the pre flying time consuming chaos that often greets us at mad times of the day really does help us cope and one way to achieve that ‘moment of resigned calm’ is to dress in the most comfortable way possible, but without sacrificing style.

Why is it important to look your best when flying ?

Because in my experience if you can look great there is always a chance, however small, that an upgrade might just be possible and even if it isn’t on the cards because the plane is full, at least you feel like you are travelling first class!

For travelling women, we really recommend our harems with essential side pockets – these amazing trousers have been recommended by some of the top beauty editors including Elle magazine for their comfort and style mix – you just cannot beat our flexible and flattering waistband that allows the tummy to expand and contract without any discomfort (the norm when flying).

For men, our short sleeve tee and shorts, will work easily day to evening and with a 50UPF , you can even take Homebody to the beach and know that your skin is benefiting from sun protection as well.

 With the necessity to travel as light as possible, short breaks mean a tiny wheelie with such limited capacity that a top and bottom from Homebody are ideal travel companions to roll up and scrunch into a corner without a second thought.

Some top tips for travelling in comfort and style

1. Pack less

Travelling with just hand-luggage should be your goal. Do you really need six pairs of heels, tea bags, and an iron? Take less and you’ll travel cheaper (no check-in luggage fees), travel faster (no waiting for your bags), and travel easier (one bag means less to lug around).

2. Never join the security queue with kids in

Go for the one with the ‘suits’. It will move much quicker.

3. Never wear flip flops (on a plane)

it’s best to have a good set of sturdy shoes/ trainers that will protect your feet from heat or sharp objects.

4. Jiggle it (just a little bit)

If you're petrified of turbulence during flights, try slightly jiggling your body when you hit some rough air. No one will notice because everyone is being moved around due to the aircraft movement. Sounds a little crazy but your movement will counteract that of the aircraft and you won’t feel the turbulence so much. It really does work!

5. Choose your seat-mate carefully

If you get the choice of plane seat, always sit far away from: babies, groups of friends who will chat, or women (men tend to need the toilet less often than ladies).

6. Always travel with a scarf/ hoodie

Just slip up your hood to retreat from the world of noise and light when you want to sleep on a flight/airport seat/bus.

7. Choose the Asian-vegetarian option on the plane

You get fed before anyone else, you avoid anything too greasy and stodgy (helps the jetlag allegedly) and I’m convinced the more niche meals are much better quality as they’re made in smaller batches.

8. Bring ear plugs

If silence is golden, then ear plugs are worth their weight in platinum. Being able to sleep in a noisy plane or hotel room is a very valuable skill, not to be underestimated whilst travelling.

9. Pre-book an airport lounge

If you’re flying long-haul, pre-book yourself into an airport lounge. There’s an up-front fee, but it provides a quiet environment with complimentary drinks, food, magazines, newspapers, WiFi etc. When you leave the lounge, take a few big bottles of water. It’s a cost effective and relaxing way to start your journey.

10. Bring an extra top on board

When flying (especially long haul) always travel with an extra top as the blankets they provide are thin and the plane can get very cold. Homebody fits brilliantly into even a handbag

11. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

For the perfect long-haul trip, invest in some good quality noise cancelling headphones.They are worth every penny to tune out the crying baby, snoring man, or chattering teenagers.

12Kindles are made for travel

I never travel without my Kindle. No more lugging multiple books around whilst waiting to exchange them with other travellers.

13. Look before you leave

Whenever you get up to leave somewhere, be it a chair at the airport, a café, or a bar, always turn round and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.- I tend to leave a trail so now it’s a case of treble checking everywhere I go!

14Roll your Homebody when packing

Once you roll, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to fold.

15. Don’t carry (too much) cash

I can’t remember visiting a country in the last 10 years that doesn’t have ATMs, so there’s really no need to carry about more cash than you need for a couple of days.

16. Sync your sleep

To get over jetlag quickly on arrival, try to sync your sleeping pattern with the new time zone immediately.

17. Be loyal

If you’re looking for ways to get a flight upgrade, then join the airline’s loyalty programme. Even if it’s the lowest level, you still get rewarded first.

18. Tiger Balm is medicine of the gods

This Singaporean-made balm not only soothes sore muscles after a lot of travelling but also works as an insect repellent to keep the little biting beasties away.

19. Sitting is tiring

Travelling some distance through the air makes you tired, even if all you do the whole time is sit in a comfy seat.


20. There will always be Toblerone

Got to the end of your holiday but forgotten to get gifts? No worries! It is a mathematical certainty that the world’s favourite mountain-shaped Swiss chocolate will always be available from every duty free airport shop on earth.

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