What home means to me

There is something about the word home that conjures up so many emotions:

Home can be a place where we grew up, filled with nostalgia. It can be the people that we live with, who make us feel at home and not just a place, and it can be in many places if you have what you need that makes you feel at home wherever you go.

Home to me is a place filled with childhood memories, mine were happy memories of love, affection and although there were family fights I look back at those times with the deepest sense of love and keep those memories stored at the back of my mind.

Home for me, was a place I shared with the people I loved most in the world.  It was where I slept at night and when the lights went out, it was where I prayed that my belly button would become an innie and each day woke up disappointed (I have one now!)

My bedroom at home was tiny, but the one thing I loved was a window that looked out onto the street. It was a quiet street but I used to stare into the windows opposite me and imagine the people inside. We had no outside space at home, just a tiny balcony, but on hot summer days, I would take my tennis racquet and go to the road behind where I lived and hit a ball against a brick wall for fun – that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it kept me pretty occupied!

Making my own home later in life, I questioned what it was that makes a place a home. Is it the way it is decorated, the colour of the walls, the thickness of the curtains, or the people inside?

When I leave my home will it feel like a home for the next person or just a place?

Is it true that a place can FEEL like home and make us feel at ease, even if it doesn’t belong to us?

That warmth and comfort we feel when we arrive home after a hard day can never be underestimated and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could retain that essence of our home wherever we go.

That is what we try to achieve with our clothes – that sense of Homebody – it’s a familiarity, a peace of mind that putting on our clothes can transform the mind and help us rest and relax in the same way that returning to our home, the place we feel most comfort, makes us feel.

It is the essence of Homebody and why twenty-one years ago we searched for the perfect fabric to help us achieve this and we believe we succeeded…try for yourself

What is it that you remember of your childhood home?  Share with us your memories and receive an opportunity to win a sleep suit of your choice this Valentines day!

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