What holiday means to us - the ultimate Christmas gift 2019

As we head toward the holidays after what has been an extremely gruelling and busy time for many of us, it is a great moment to use these few days of holiday to focus on the important things in life such as family, friends and health.

Holidays can mean so many things to each and everyone of us and it is finding that activity or place that allows the mind and body to relax and calm down that is crucial.

For some travelling to a far-off destination is the Christmas dream, but for others the idea of flying for hours and hours to a palm tree infested island would be a disaster and they love nothing more than a red sock over the home fireplace and waking up in their own bed on Christmas day!

I grew up with a bit of both. My parents loved to travel and so they would cram loads of beautifully wrapped gifts for my brother and I into a suitcase and Christmas would be spent in a sunny destination where we would happily open our gifts and there would be a pillowcase at the end of our beds on Christmas day and lots of fun and games but never staying at home.

After losing my parents several years ago, it has become something of a tradition to recreate those trips and, as a family to try to getaway whenever possible in the festive season.

Susie on the other hand has a very different kind of Christmas – far more traditional and she loves nothing more than putting up the stocking and going to church with the family while husband Jonathan preps lunch and presents. Then it’s listening to the Queens speech and loads of party games before more eating and passing out in a blanket of alcoholic happiness!

If you are lucky enough to have loved ones around, supporting and wish you well, it is so precious and it is what helps us grow and thrive each year. 

There are so many people particularly in London right now who don’t have that support of family and friends and who need help. Crisis is a great charity doing amazing work for our homeless in the UK and is a charity very close to our heart. So if you have time and can volunteer, sign up here  

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