What does Father's day, and being remembered by my kids, mean to me?

….in a word – everything!

I am a father of four and feel pretty unappreciated most of the year!

Without sounding like I am moaning, how often do I get told by my family that, ‘you do a pretty good job by us……or Dad, we think your completely fab or thanks for giving me a lift dad or just any thanks at all’!!

Of course in my heart I know they love me……and on my birthday I get made a fuss of – but if you can’t be made a fuss of on your birthday, then it’s a pretty sad thing indeed.

So being celebrated for being a dad for the whole family, my wife included, on Father's day, would actually be quite wonderful. I used to think that fathers day and mothers day, was just an event dreamed up by the greeting card manufacturers to sell more cards, and maybe it was, but the older I get, the more I feel we all need to stop, celebrate, and say thanks to those in our family we are closest to, and ‘appreciate them’ with a gift.

Father's day as celebrated in the UK, was actually invented in the US in 1910, by a child Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father was a civil war veteran and a single parent who raised six children. Its celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June each year, this year being Sunday 17thJune 2018 – although in catholic Europe a form of fathers day dates back to the middle ages.

So the issue is, from a father’s perspective, how should it be celebrated and what is the perfect gift?

Firstly, all Dad’s want is to be pampered and appreciated – so the very minimum has got to be breakfast and the newspapers in bed, with a handwritten card that says more than…… ‘happy fathers day, love xxxxx’.

We want to hear what we really mean to our kids, as too often our kids don’t express verbally those words ‘we love you’ ‘we really appreciate you’’ ‘we value you’…. Expressions of affection seem to be so old fashioned and in the age of the smart phone, email, text and ‘what’s up’, we never actually take the time to say what is really important.

As a dad, I know how wonderful it would feel to be indulged, and given a beautiful gift this Father’s day, because it is not Christmas or my birthday but simply because I am their dad

For me Homebody loungewear & Pyjamas is the perfect gift.

Its utter and complete luxury, and the softest thing possible to wear next to my skin makes it the perfect fathers day gift from my family. And the gift of experiencing eight hours sleep – what could be better than that

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