Top Tips for a good nights sleep on a long haul flight

Forbes recently described beating jet lag as a science and it got us thinking at Homebody with many of us embarking on journeys across the globe how can we remain bright eyed and bushy tailed while travelling.

Throughout a 24-hour period our bodies are naturally programmed to do a number of things, including eating and sleeping. These built-in routines are known as circadian rhythms, and when we fly they’re thrown into disarray and studies have found that it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you travel through. No matter where you’re going*

There is no one solution but we have put together our favourite tips on reducing jet lag

  1. Get a good nights sleep before you fly, preferably in a pair of Homebody pyjamas, as homebody pyjamas help adjust your core temperature, helping you stay comfy during a flight.
  1. Avoid arriving to your destination at night. Stay away from alcohol although tempting to do the altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration, making it even harder to beat the inevitable jet lag.
  1. Coffee is a no no, the artificial stimulants in coffee tend to affect your ability to sleep and in turn increase jet lag recovery.
  1. Keep moving and do some exercise Kinks develop on long haul flights. So its important to stretch to boost your endorphins.
  1. Sleeping pills are not advisable - Relying on sleeping pills for long-haul flights is bad idea. They’re not worth it. They’ll do nothing to assist your recovery from jet lag and will just leave you feeling fuzzy when you land. If you’re in need of some shut-eye, do it the natural way. Unlimited, free hot water is one of the best in-flight freebies, so why not bring your own herbal tea bags? 
  1. Eat healthy, ensuring you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – in line with your new time zone, will help you acclimatise.

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*Skyscanner, 2018