To sleep naked or in PJs that is the question!

Whenever I am out, and I’m with a group of friends who ask about our sleepwear collection, they often volunteer the information that they go to bed naked, or in their boxers – interesting- but not the usual information you hear from your mates!

It always fascinates me that in many of the recent sleep studies, very little information has been done to assess whether we sleep better in the nude or wearing PJs.

There is a lot of data suggesting that sleeping naked has many benefits – for example our body temperature changes through the night and our bodies adjust quickly and of course the benefits to our relationships – skin to skin contact releases that feel- good hormone Oxytocin, but does it actually help you settle down and get a great night’s sleep?

I was a true skeptic for many years, and one day I noticed that my long suffering partner was incredibly consistent in always wearing Homebody and it wasn’t because of his friends and family discount or that he simply liked the design – something about them was working well for his sleep routine and that became a source of great interest to me.

When my sleep was poor due to a back issue, I was going to bed naked. At that point in time we didn’t make women’s pjs and being naked felt good and natural – but I wasn’t sleeping well, particularly during the hot weather. I remember one day, in desperation, opening his sleepwear drawer and putting his pjs on and to be honest, I never looked back and from that night of good sleep, I finally understood that our clothes really do enhance sleep and so began our women’s nightwear story.

Reading Arianna Huffington’s great book The Sleep Revolution, she clarifies the rules on what to wear for bed – anything you feel comfortable in

She remembers that her favourite sleep aid of all time became a pair of pyjamas her friend bought for her – just putting them on made her feel ready for bed. As she says “something switched in my brain when I put the pyjamas on. Slipping on the pjs was a signal to my body: time to shut down”

This is how Homebody works: The real ‘magic pyjamas’ as was described in ‘The Sunday Times’, they offer that essence of familiarity, of cosiness, and of home. A trigger for sleeping soundly every day of your life with our thermo regulating Modal Sens sleepwear.

Make sleep a priority!

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