Time to relax with our premium essentials

As we slowly return to a more open world, and we begin to crave shopping and newness in the wardrobe, it is so worthwhile to stop for a second and  have a think about what clothes have worked hardest and been most reliable and relevant during lockdown and have managed to multi task and adapt as our clothing needs have simplified right down.

Personally speaking, of course I love loungewear, but I have always relied on slipping in some seasonal freshness that keeps me feeling updated and to be honest, fashion aware – but it is those essential favourites that I rely on most – tried and tested clothing that have that in built softness that my skin craves mixed with an unbeatably  great cut to flatter and simple but effective styles that offer dreamy comfort and are perfect  when worn as a set or individually and teamed with denim or other core wardrobe staples.

Our essentials such as the short sleeve T has such a beautiful drape and fit as does our drawstring trouser – part of the collection from the very beginning and still best sellers.

If you need the perfect long sleeve base top or a cuff trouser for yoga that doubles as pjs – Homebody has the solution that will be that favourite you just can’t let go!

Homebody’s essentials have a core colour palette available all season and a great range of must have styles tailor made and all styles will stand the test of time and be all time wardrobe favourites – just what we need right now!