The New Normal

With the opening of shops and restaurants next week, there is a fine balance of emotion going through my mind – from relief and excitement to a little reluctance to get back onto the treadmill of the everyday fast pace of city life – how will it feel?

Speaking to friends and family, a lot of us are experiencing feelings of anxiety about returning to normality – we have become used to a slower pace of life, being so close to home 24/7 

It would be so beneficial if we can use this moment as a turning point and introduce a slower pace of living and if that just isn’t possible, then a great and supportive option, is wearing clothes that remind us to stay calm and relaxed whatever the dilemma we are facing. 

This past year has been fraught with challenges and many of us have faced enormous difficulties and loss, but with familiar and comforting Homebody, and remembering to take deep breaths, be mindful of yourself and those around you, and most importantly to take things slowly, – one day at a time and slowly the new normal will start to feel normal once again - Beverley