The Big C - Stand up to Cancer Day

It's a well-known fact that we at Homebody have a deep appreciation for health and wellbeing. With it being #StanduptoCancerDay, we knew we HAD to pledge to stand up for everyone diagnosed with cancer.

If you, like us, have lost either friends or family or both to Cancer, you know and understand just how devastating a blow it is and just recently there seems to have been a more than normal amount of both young and old being diagnosed with this unforgiving illness.

With loved ones, there is a feeling of helplessness as well as sadness and we know this only too well, having lost family to cancer and watched as they had to undergo severe treatments that were almost worse than the cancer itself!

At Homebody, we have made it our mission to try to lead a healthier lifestyle and do what we can to promote wellbeing in both mind and body – because they most definitely are connected.

Sleep expert Mathew Walker writes that he” used to say that sleep is the third pillar of good health alongside diet and exercise. I have changed my tune. Sleep is more than a pillar; it is the foundation on which the other two health bastions sit”. So even if we are exercising every day and eating all the right foods – if we are not sleeping well, then we are at risk!

He continues “It has categorically been proven that poor sleep quality increases the risk of cancer development and if cancer is established, provides a virulent fertilizer for its rapid and more rampant growth.”

This means that by not paying attention to our bedtime routine and good sleep habits, we could be letting illness into our lives and it IS preventable!

To confirm the link between lack of sleep and cancer, ‘the World Health Organisation has officially classified night time shift work as a probable carcinogen”.

So, how can we sleep easier and prevent the big C?


Our first suggestion is to leave the stress out of the bedroom. Remove the phone, laptop, ipad…anything that keeps your mind going. Keep your bedroom tidy and get a blackout blind – perfect for zoning out and if possible try not to argue with your partner or your family before bed.

Woman wearing homebody pyjamas


Take that hot soak in a soothing bath and Get that boring book that might take ages to read but after a few pages, your mind can’t help but go into switch off mode.

Man laying down wearing Homebody pyjamas


Wear the same type of sleepwear every night and make it part of your routine. Homebody’s fabric is thermo regulating so that when you slip into bed the clothes feel cool but they soon adjust to the body temperature and keep adjusting through the night. If you tend to feel hot, try our shorts and Tee shirt and if you are a cooler person a long sleeve top and our drawstring trousers work perfectly to keep you snug throughout the night.

Sleep well and be well!