The all day pyjamas - I love to wear

The delight I feel in wearing Homebody pyjamas has always been a little bit polluted by guilt as I absolutely love clothes, but because I work from home, there often seems little point in dressing up as I’m generally alone tapping away at my laptop or in the studio getting messy – so why put on restrictive clothes when I can be super comfy and still look good!

According to my most recent calculations, I now spend more time in my loungewear than out of them — about 135 hours a week. By loungewear, I am talking ultra smooth subtle and sophisticated Homebody – sometimes wearing women’s styles and sometimes –I’m sharing my man’s!

Comfort is my muse, and the clothes I make and wear have to work with my ever changing lifestyle and be super cute to look at! However, my relationship with pyjamas or to use a fancy term – loungewear, has grown more passionate (and complicated) as I’ve grown older, to the point that it’s verging on compulsion (possibly as I have so much of it accumulated over the years!)

Basking all day in unbelievably soft tee shirts and drawstrings is a joy to experience but it is somewhat tainted by a Parisian thought deep in the back of my mind that tells me stretch clothing can’t look as good as non stretch clothing! but Yes it can !

I am my best, purest, calmest, happiest self in Homebody.

Homebody clothing and I have had a long and loving relationship over the last twenty years, both from designing it and making it to wearing it and seeing others fall in love with it…what a feeling!

To give some background - Growing up, the first thing I did after school was swap that day’s outfit — fraught with tentative assertions of identity, rippling teenage insecurity, and the burden of an inexorably changing body — for a men’s XL sweatshirt that my body could lose itself inside.

As a tall girl growing up, trousers were never long enough to cover the shoes and that is why, from an early age I just felt more comfortable wearing men’s pj’s

The magic of pajamas did not wane as I left adolescence for adulthood. I went to drama school  after college and vivedly remember trying to fit in to a very different group of people and using the clothes I wore to squeeze my way into the cool gang. Did it work? Hell yes, but after a while who could be bothered and I sank back into my own style of dressing that made comfort and style work together.

That experience stayed with me throughout my life and clarified the type of clothes I have always wanted to make – clothes that allowed the wearer’s personal style to shine through; clothes that are effortless, versatile and so soft on the skin.

How does Homebody feel to wear?

‘ I truly feel like me in Homebody  — natural, unaffected, and comfortable in my own skin — in a way I just don’t in regular clothes.’

The feeling of me-ness when wearing Homebody is what allows my mind to escape from the unceasing parade of pressure, anxiety, and self-doubt that traipses along with me in the outside world. I can unwind and reconnect with what feels like a purer state of being. It’s about being so relaxed and calm that sleep becomes inevitable.

Society wraps our worth up in how we look, and this state of affairs is not a relic of the past. Clothing for both men and women and increasingly for children, is seen as a proxy for how on trend or successful we are and choosing wrong has repercussions.

To help navigate this morass, the media fill us with the next trend we have to buy into – whether it be the logo loafer; the maxi skirt or a slither of snakeskin : We are constantly berated with advice on what we should or shouldn’t wear — dress for your body type, dress for success, dress for the life you want. As if by just selecting the right look, all the challenges before us will disappear. It is hard not to feel the burden of these pressures, and who wouldn’t rather avoid them if possible!.

There are days when we just hate everything in the wardrobe. Sometimes I just want to feel good in the clothes I put on and there is no doubt that Homebody fills that space

Getting dressed everyday into a ‘look’ can be exhausting, which is why sometimes its worth opting out as much as possible. When I am home, I say “fuck it” to all of that nonsense and just keep my Homebody pj’s on ALL DAY!.

So here’s to you, Homebody pyjamas — the only clothes I ever truly want to wear, all day everyday!

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