Sustainability never felt so good - The Homebody mission

At Homebody we are acutely aware of the massive social, economic and environmental challenges facing humanity. We are equally aware of the huge impact the fashion industry is having on our planet. For over twenty years, we have been committed to making a difference in an industry that is ripe for change. We believe in transparency, caring for and respecting all people in our supply chain, and ensuring that the health of our beautiful planet is at the forefront of every decision we make. As we grow, we pledge to stay true to these founding values and to use our growth to have an even greater impact on our industry.

Sustainability as a lifestyle 

Sustainability is an inbuilt mindset, culture and lifestyle, for us, it is the heart of the company. The core of all design is problem solving and fashion is no exception. At Homebody, we believe it is time to problem solve our way to an industry that we are proud to be a part of. An industry in which fair working conditions, legitimate living wages, and eco and ethical production are all the norm.

We believe these should not be championed values, but values that all businesses are built upon. We are endlessly optimistic about the future and fiercely determined to create change.

Our History

We have been making our clothes in as ethical a way as possible for over twenty years – its why we make locally here in the UK and it is why we work with only sustainable resourced fibres to knit our own exquisite fabrics, and why we only make the exact amount of garments needed to fulfil orders – no wastage!

We are a British luxury brand that is determined to do things our way, as we believe that good positive energy brings good positive energy to all who wear our clothes. By looking after our environment, our world, we believe it also help look after all who buy our clothes.

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