Sustainability and the Homebody commitment

At Homebody we have made a commitment to produce a responsibly made product, we choose each material with intention and care. When sourcing for our designs, we prioritise sustainable choices throughout.


At Homebody we use Lenzing Cellulosic Fibres to create our  ‘Modal sens’ fabric
Cellulose is a fibrous plant-based material that’s used to create natural cellulosic fibres. We source these fibres through the Lenzing Group to ensure that the wood pulp used to create the fibres comes only from sustainably harvested trees.

TENCEL™ Modal is the foundation for our beautiful ‘Modal sens’ fabric and is a brand of Modal made from Beachwood trees, grown mainly in Austria. As Beachwood trees grow, they naturally breed, eliminating the need for artificial irrigation and planting, thus resulting in a self-sustainable forest. The TENCEL™ Modal production process also recycles 95% of the production materials back into its manufacturing system.

TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ is a recycled fabric made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and pre-consumer cotton waste, promoting a circular clothing economy. In other words, waste from one process is reused in another to mitigate waste overall.

Once our fibres are ready, they are made into yarn and they are then knitted into our fabric here in the UK. The process however does not stop there.

The fabric will then be dyed into small batches of colours that are for immediate use. We use these small dye batches throughout our three collections in order to use the maximum amount of fabric and leaving no wastage.

As our fabrics behave like silk they are extremely difficult to work with and we work with highly experienced makers to produce our clothes.

All our production is local and requires minimal carbon footprint.

When packing our clothes, we use biodegradable packaging again to keep wastage to as little as possible


Every part of our fabric making process from start to finishing is supervised to the highest levels to We prioritize fair treatment of workers and artisans, and aim to minimize waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the production of each garment.

Factory Visits

We regularly conduct in-person factory visits to ensure that the people producing our clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and working in safe conditions. Our team has developed close, long-term working relationships with the factories in our supply chain, and we consider each factory employee to be a member of the Homebody team. Our Makers are situated in the heart of the UK.

We have been working with our local factory for many years and consider them longterm Homebody partners with whom we have close working and personal relationships. Domestic manufacturing fosters a healthy local economy, bolsters national employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes less to pollution, and ensures that employees are treated fairly under the strict UK worker protection rights.

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