Stay safe in the sun with our 50+UPF T-shirts!

As someone who has had skin issues and scarring because of over exposure to the sun, it was vital to Susie and I to create a fabric that actually protects the skin from its harmful rays and that feels fantastic to wear as well.

Skin cancer is something we all want to avoid and one way to be extra careful, is to pop one of our tops into your holiday basket for those dangerous times of the day between 11am – 4pm when it just feels too hot!

Having been tested to British standards to offer protection of over 50+ UPF, you can rest assured that by you, your partner or your child, simply popping on one of our tops, you are adding to their sun protection and  being extra cautious to protect shoulders, neck and back.

I recommend for women our long sleeve cold night tee in calico and for men a simple mid grey long sleeve tee and for children who have the most sensitive of skin, any of our printed t-shirts will be perfect to slip over swimwear.