Staying at home, is the new going out | A Homebody Customer Review

A Homebody Customer review 

“I was thinking this morning, as I got out of bed, totally refreshed after a fantastic nights sleep - what is it about my Homebody nightwear that I love so much? Well obviously the answer is that I simply sleep just so well in them - the best nights sleep I have ever had - and not just one night, but each and every night, 7 hours of simply blissful and un-interrupted sleep! But apart from that, even with my eyes closed, I know I am wearing Homebody - the ‘feel’ or the technical term ‘handle’ is just so soft - in-fact, it is the softest item in my wardrobe by far - so much softer than last years Cashmere jumper. And yet, when I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror - these Homebody’s are just so well cut – they fit so well! I love my Homebody’s - everyone needs at least one set in their cupboard! thanks Homebody - I promise I shall be wearing you for the rest of my life……..”Just sayin’!!! - Homebody wearer review


We absolutely LOVE feedbackHearing from our customers helps shape our collections. Since we began Homebody over twenty years ago, making clothing that soothes the mind as well as the body, has always been a goal for Susie and I. 

It is why we searched every textile maker in the country, when there still were people making fabric here in the UK, to beg them to help us create the dream fabric!

We were convinced that our minds and bodies are so connected in many ways and by making clothes so unbelievably warm, soft, tactile and inviting, we could help the wearer in a positive way and that in turn would impact  mental positivity and many other life enhancing benefits just from having a bit of Homebody in the wardrobe that embodied that feeling of ‘home’. 

Is it really possible to uplift mind and body just from feeling the softness of the fabrics against the skin? We believe so and it has been working for many of our loyal friends for many years. It is worth considering that  there is so much information about the benefits of meditation; yoga; exercise to help relax and destress - but very little on how the impact of clothes can also release tension and help cope during stressful moments in life.

Importance of sleep

We are all well aware of the importance of sleep and how much harder it is to cope with the challenges we face, particularly now  when our minds are racing with concern for family and friends, but sleep is one of the pillars of good health and in a very simple and straightforward way, we think our sleepwear can help!

The beauty of Homebody is our fabrics really do work with the body temperature throughout the night - it's just about choosing the right styles to suit what makes you feel most comfortable.

As the first mens sleepwear collection to introduce  ‘micromodal' fabric for menswear and to also put sustainability and our concerns for the environment as a top priority, we have always set out to  make loungewear that offered design as well as extreme comfort to wear around the home as well as in the bedroom - maybe we even sensed a time would come when enforced homestay would become the norm for, hopefully, only a short amount of time!

Well here we are, and there is nothing we can do about it, other than try to maintain a positive outlook and do as much as we can for our families and the wider community and globe by following the rules and trying to stay home as much as possible.

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