Sleep Transformed - Homebody New Year

As we begin the Christmas break and celebrating a new year, it feels like time is on speed dial zooming at breakneck speed onto the next thing and the next thing and there we are, trying to make sense of our hectic lives as best we can, with barely time to breath particularly now when the world around us is feeling anything but stable and it seems a blatantly obvious fact that we do all collectively need to make drastic changes to our everyday habits in order to preserve the world we know and love.

Life for some this year has been a reason to celebrate ..perhaps a new baby, a new job, or finding love, but for some it has been sadly filled with harsh and difficult times.

The challenges that we all face everyday might vary but coping for all of us remains the same...we need our strength and most definitely our health.

However, many times a week we do a run or go to the gym, sleeping well throughout the night is one of the crucial pillars of wellbeing and will enable us to respond as best we can when adversity strikes.

So what tips can help ensure that this new year you sleep better than ever:

Top tips for sleep

  • Create a routine that works for you.

  • Don't nap during the day.

  • Go to sleep around the same time every night.

  • Ideally No electrics in the bedroom and charge your phone etc far away from your bed.

  • Use an alarm clock not your phone to wake you up.

  • Take a warm bath pre bed and if you prefer showers make it a hot one.

  • No drinking tea/ coffee after 7 pm and if you do just a small camomile tea.

  • Restrict fruit after dinner..this can lead to digestive issues.

  • Alcohol does not make you sleep better, in fact wine can really disturb your sleep pattern so go easy!

  • Restrict chocolate or two pieces rather than a bar of your favourite chocolate.

  • Keep a notebook by your bed for pre bed thoughts and write them all down ..better to do that than going over them in your mind.

  • Make sure your sheets are clean and fresh.

  • Keep the bedroom tidy.

  • Keep the bedroom at a nice cool temperature and don’t use too heavy a duvet or blanket.

  • Black out all light if you can, the darker the room the better the chance of sleep.

  • Never go to bed on an argument and leave any difficult conversations until the morning.

  • Change into clothes that help mind and body relax. 

Homebody has been designed with sleep in mind.We put a luxury finish on our fabrics that keeps them incredibly soft and by using our “Modal sens” fibres it means that the clothes keep the body at just the right temperature throughout the night.

Making Homebody part of your nighttime routine will train you mentally and physically to relax detox and start falling asleep..what a way to start the new year!

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