Sleep Goals - Our 2019 New Year Resolutions

During this Christmas break, I have been reading the opinions of many sleep experts and one thing is clear, prioritising sleep would make a great aim for 2019.

Our world today is totally different from even five years ago in terms of how we communicate and life habits...but are we adapting our bedroom habits just as quickly?

Babies are slipped iPads to keep them occupied during mealtimes and teenagers are gripping onto their phones well into the night as they snap chat through the night.

Is it time we focused more on the refuelling time of our bodies? so we might improve so many aspects of our lives from serious health issues that we are ignoring to life changing problems that are really slowing us down.

Here are a few thoughts to chew on as we bring in the new year that just might do the trick and get you all sleeping like babies this 2019:

Our 2019 Sleep Goals 

🌙As light suppresses melatonin which sends a signal for us to sleep, turn them down or use dimmers an hour pre bed.
🌙That blue light is killing your sleep!
Switch off your phone and don’t use your iPad/ laptop in bed and if possible recharge outside of the bedroom. Make sure all members of the family do the same! (not an easy task!).
🌙Keep the temperature in the bedroom at 65degrees. We sleep better in a cool environment and it makes a huge difference.
🌙Exercising every day really helps us sleep well. I prefer first thing in the morning but it doesn’t really matter when or what the exercise is as long as it is stretching and moves the body.
🌙Eating well
Certain foods definitely will keep us up at night .. we know caffeine should be limited to before lunchtime and avoid eating big meals after 9 pm .
Spicy foods will also keep you up at night - it makes our temperatures rise ,fatty foods should be avoided and just say no a late night fix of ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ also a no no in fact anything with sugar is going to keep us up so say no to that tempting chocolate bar!
🌙Too much booze before bed is NOT going to help! Many people think it helps them sleep but actually what happens is we often fall straight into a heavy stupor but then wake up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth or needing to pee!
🌙If you are struggling with sleep, try acupuncture.
🌙Meditation is also brilliant... there are many apps ( I love headspace) and just ten minutes can clear the mind.
🌙Keeping a notebook and before bed write down any concerns you have or your ‘to do ‘list that you are thinking about- then annoying thoughts that disturb sleep can be removed from the mind as a worry
Anxiety is one of the key reasons for insomnia so if we can remove it by writing it down, it must be worth it.
🌙Finally wearing clothes to bed that calm the mind and we associate with sleep have been proven to help.

It is important to change from our day clothes into our sleepwear just as when we go to the gym we change into our sports clothes from our day clothes. Our minds play such an integral role in sleeping well that when we feel relaxed and calm our bodies will follow.

From experience, Homebody with its temperature adjusting benefits really do work so including Homebody in your sleep kit will be a great way to bring in the new year!

From all of us at Homebody have a happy healthy and wonderful 2019

Image- I'air du Temps Prix Marcel