Sleep Deprivation Linked to Stress

We Investigate the Link between Work-Related Stress and Quality of Sleep

We live in a world of lights, screens and social media and whether we’re working or relaxing, technology tends to be the focus of our attention. In this fast paced and digital world, stress can quickly get the better of us, especially for busy professionals who are constantly on the move and catching up on emails at all hours of the day.

UK productivity has fallen in recent years and sleep deprivation of UK professionals is being blamed. When you’re sleep deprived your body is more prone to becoming ill and this can reduce productivity for UK businesses, as more people take time off work either to recover from illness whether it be the flu, anxiety or stress, or to catch up on sleep. (1) A bad night’s sleep can quickly cause stress, and according to a recent study by Forth With Life, 85% of adults in the UK feel stressed on a regular basis with the leading causes of stress relating to money, work and health. (2)

One way to combat stress is to make positive lifestyle choices such as enjoying a healthy, nutritious diet and getting at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. Homebody has spent the past decade designing luxury sleepwear to help our customer’s enjoy a better night’s sleep!

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We ask sleep expert Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council about the direct link between work-related stress and sleep deprivation.

Q: Why do you think professionals in the UK are struggling with sleep deprivation?

“All of us due to work, holidays or short breaks, will at some point sleep: in hotels, guest houses, self-catering accommodation, even at friends’ and family’s places. And, we all know it’s not always that easy to get to sleep in a strange room and a strange bed. We are creatures of habit and when our habits are disturbed it has a knock-on effect.”

Despite UK professionals having more access to the internet than ever before, many people are still required to make frequent business trips both in the UK and overseas. Traveling for business, can often lead to a lack of sleep and this can add to any stress that an individual is already suffering from.

Q: Do you think investing in soft and comforting fabrics such as pyjamas and bedding helps to promote a better night’s sleep while away from home?

“Of course, it’s not all bad news. For some, a night away from home is a chance to have an undisturbed night’s sleep for the first time in ages, particularly if you have young children or a partner that regularly snores! You might even find yourself drifting away into the land of nod cocooned in blissful bedding on a bed that’s infinitely more comfortable than your own at home.”

Homebody pyjamas are often dubbed as magic as our Modal Sens fabric helps to promote sleep by moderating your body’s temperature and allowing you to move freely throughout the night. Our customer’s frequently invest in a pair of Homebody PJS to wear while traveling or sleeping away from home.

Q: If you could recommend one tip for getting a good night’s sleep what would it be and why?

“We can’t promise you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had but here are The Sleep Council’s tips for making the best of sleeping away from home.

  • Carry a set of eye shades in case the curtains in the room are too thin and are likely to let in too much light, too early – especially pertinent in the summer or if you are globetrotting through several time zones
  • Hotel rooms can be much hotter or colder than you are used to; make sure you adjust the heating/air conditioning controls as soon as you set foot in your room, so the room has a chance to cool right down while you are out. The ideal temperature range for sleep is 16-18 degrees centigrade.
  • It’s hard to sleep to the hum of an air conditioning unit if you are not used to it – but it can mask external noises and if you are staying for a while in your room, you may get used to it quicker than you thought. Earplugs or mufflers could help deal with any noises issues, too: always carry some with you.
  • Drink plenty of water – especially if you’ve had more alcohol than you would usually have at home.
  • If it’s hot, take a shower to cool you down before you hop into bed
  • Pack some herbal teas to help you wind down without the caffeine kick, which can disturb your sleep.

To improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep while working away from home, it’s important to ensure that your bedroom becomes a technology free, calm and relaxing space, where you can escape from the world and retreat into a safe space. Taking a long bubble bath with is one way to help wind down after a stressful day at work and help your mind and body to detach from any worries or concerns about work or your social life and focus your efforts on sleep.

Investing in a pair of pyjamas that help to make you feel comfortable and at ease will also help to prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. Our Modal Sens fabric helps to allow your body to breathe while offering ultimate comfort during the night. Our customers have said that they are “magic pyjamas” as they allow the body to move freely in the night and won’t disturb your rest. (2)

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