How to Get Eight Hours of Sleep Every Night

Getting a good night’s sleep is now thought to be as important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as going to the gym and enjoying a balanced diet. The question is, how can you get eight hours of sleep a night and wake up refreshed and ready to go on a daily basis?

Sleep helps our body to recover and is key to supporting your immune system. In fact, studies show that people who don’t get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis are more prone to getting sick. Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and this can have a negative effect on your immune system meaning you are more at risk of becoming ill. (1)


How to Sleep For Eight Hours

To drift off into a blissful deep sleep, you will need to refrain from caffeine and begin to wind down from using your mobile or a laptop for at least 30 minutes before to plan to go to sleep. Turning off your central heating is another good tip to give your body a strong indication that it is time to rest. Yet, it is incredibly difficult to follow this advice especially in this digital age.

If you can’t resist the temptation of checking social media before your head hits the pillow, there are other ways to encourage a good night’s sleep. Homebody, specialise in developing soft-touch pyjamas and loungewear designed to make you feel relaxed and super comfortable. Changing into a set of Homebody pyjamas will help you to feel ready for bed. The act of changing from your everyday wear to our Modal Sens™ fabric sleepwear can give your body the signal that it is time to relax and eventually go to sleep.


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Say Goodnight to a poor nights sleep

Since we launched over twenty years ago, our customers who have suffered from frequent sleepless nights, have enjoyed the soft-touch loungewear and pyjamas that we have designed to improve our customer’s quality of sleep. Allowing the body to move freely, the high-quality material are what dreams are made of. In 1999, the Homebody brand sprung to life and our customer’s flocked to Harrods to purchase a set of our luxury sleepwear for men, women and kids.

It was thought, that wearing natural fibres such as cotton or silk to bed, would aid sleep, but that simply is not the case. Cotton and silk are unable to vary your body temperature and therefore can leave you either too hot or too cold. Our exclusive Modal Sens fabric stems from the Beechwood tree and can adjust to your ever-changing body temperature, helping to give you the perfect night’s sleep.

The unique fabric used in each and every Homebody product contains a small percentage of Elastane which helps the fabric to drape over the body beautifully. It also allows you to turn during the night effortlessly.

The Colour of Sleep

Colour and shades of colour incredibly play a part in the quality of sleep we have. Paler shades are perfect for relaxing loungewear as it tends to be perceived as cool and lightweight. Psychologically we associate pale colours and muted tones with a cool and calm environment whereas bold and bright colours are considered warm and strong. Additionally, our paler tones are actually lighter in weight and if you often get hot during the night, wearing a set of soft-touch pale coloured pyjamas can help you to feel cooler and more relaxed.

The key to getting a great night’s sleep stems from Homebody’s combination of easy styling and unbeatably soft fabrics which are carefully designed to feature calm and tranquil colours and shades for ultimate relaxation.

Homebody is a step in the right direction for a more relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep.


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