Skin Protection and Homebody

One of the most important elements of what makes Homebody so special to wear is the fabric.

We work with experts here in the UK to develop a finish to our fabric that is like a second skin but better. Our core fabric Modal sens is one of many that we develop from scratch to a finish so soft, it is like wearing a hug or a kiss from home!

As designers “We lead such hectic and busy lives. We want to offer the world a soothing palette of clothing to comfort and cocoon in 24/7 no matter what the endeavor. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. We should address it with luxurious fabrics every day giving us a platform to feel comfortable to live our best lives.”

Inspired by Beverley’s son who at the age of four years old, refused to put on ‘hard clothes’ like denim and wanting only to wear old trackies, Modal sens was born and became a never ending research and development project as fabric makers all over the globe failed to make the grade of softness until finally right here in the North of England, the fabric worked.

It is interesting that we spend huge amounts of time and money on buying products for our face to ensure it looks as young and fresh as possible, but what about our bodies? And can soft fabrics really help us feel and look better…the answer is yes, because if we are relaxed, our stress levels diminish, our breath returns to normal, leaving us in a calm state of mind, better equipped to deal with life’s challenges and that will only aid looking and feeling great!

Taking care of our skin is not only beneficial for beauty and comfort  but health as well:

As Beverley tells us:

A few years ago, I overdid my exposure to the sun and suffered a melanoma – one of the most harrowing experiences and one I never thought would happen to me as I had always worn sun protection and was careful with sun bathing.  It was a harmless looking black spot, but although the dermatologist said I could leave it, my instinct took over and I decided to have it removed for testing.

It proved positive and they surgically removed a large chunk of flesh from my arm , leaving me with a really nasty scar that I live with today.

As a result of this  experience, we began to look into developing a new product that would be called SunTee that would protect the skin from the sun but also function as an everyday tee shirt., as when I looked around there just did not seem to be anything offering skin protection that was stylish and a good shape.

I searched the world for a new fabric that could offer us the maximum protection of 50UPF and that would be as soft as our Modal sens, but nothing worked.

It was only when I got our fabric tested in a British laboratory that we found out that Modal sens itself offers a full sun protective screen of  50+UPF! It was a real Eureka moment and one I’ll never forget.

My mission after this health scare was to look after not just my skin but also of my partner and children

The skin care routine that now exists in my home is more vital than ever post my scare and that includes using high sun protection every day: moisturising the skin,  (I use coconut oil top to toe morning and night!) and most importantly dressing in our soft fabrics that also contain sun protection within the fabrics for extra defence.

We are aware today of just how damaging the sun is for our face but our bodies are also highly susceptible, particularly shoulders, arms and feet and it is good to know that a little tee shirt from Homebody rolled into your basket could be a real life saver when the sun gets to its peak between 11am and 4pm

Some tips for safe sun this summer:

1. Wear a sun hat always at peak sun times

2. Sun protection cream of over 30+  for face and body

3. Pay particular attention to putting cream on feet/ nose/ shoulders – places that often gets burnt, don’t Forget Lips

4. Re apply cream particularly after swimming

5. Sit in the shade between 11am – 4pm

6. Encourage kids to take a nap in the room if you can after lunch

7. Calamine lotion is still great for sunburn

8. Keep a Homebody top in your bag for extra protection

9. Extra cover or total block on anywhere with pigmentation

10. Wear Sunglasses To Protect Eyes, as eyes are equally prone to damages from the sun’s rays.

11. If you are stepping out make sure to apply a sunscreen fifteen to twenty minutes in advance. You need to keep your skin protected.

12. Don’t Assume The Shade Will Protect

13. One common misconception is that staying under the shade will not cause harm. It is not so. No matter where you are the sun’s rays can cause you harm so keep that sunscreen handy.

14. Don’t go for a tan, a tan may look cool but in reality it is dangerous for the skin. Even those so called ‘safe tans’ are bad for your skin because you are only burning your skin.

15. Don’t let clouds fool you, when the sun plays hide and seek with you it does not mean that the rays are not reaching you. Even from behind the clouds the sun can cause you enough damage.

16. Don’t be fooled by water resistant/proof products

17. Water resistant and water proof – these words may sound trustworthy but the reality is quite different. Even these tend to wear off and leave you exposed to the UV rays. No matter what type you apply you need to reapply.

Everything has its positives and negatives and the same applies to the sun. While it gives us energy and health too much of it can give us skin burn and, in worst cases, skin cancers. The tips to apply sunscreen are not only there for cosmetic sake but an essential part of every skin regime. Act in time to protect your skin because the clock cannot be unwound

To prevent skin cancer and other skin damages, most people use sunscreen. However, you will be shocked to know that sunscreens contain an ingredient called zinc oxide, which is known to produce free radicals that can cause DNA damage and trigger cancer growth. In addition, keep some Homebody tucked away for extra safety.

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