Sensitive Skin and The Homebody Fabric

Our skin is something many of us take for granted but today, more than ever an increasing number of people of all ages and gender suffer from skin sensitivity.

Whether it is a result of increased pollution, the hidden nasties in the food we eat, or just living in the city, there is no doubt that skin problems are at an all-time high and it is can be very problematic to deal with, globally 25% of the population suffers from skin ailments.

Skin sensitivity is caused by the irritation of the delicate and sensitive nerve endings that lie on the surface of the skin. This often happens when the natural barrier is weakened or broken down due to a trigger such as a chemical or pollution. Common causes can be weather; exposure to pollution; stress, late nights, changes in temperature; illness. With conditions ranging from mild eczema to sensitive skin syndrome that can leave skin raw, putting on even the purest of fabric can causes an instant reaction, and it is hard to know what can help people who struggle with this condition on a daily basis.

One of the key benefits of our Homebody fabric is the extreme softness that our clients experience, when wearing our loungewear and pyjamas.

Many years ago, when I was researching and developing our fabric with our British textile producer, it was the final finish (the top coat if you like) that I was endlessly searching for – a silky soft material that my son, who, at the time was still a young boy, could wear without any discomfort.

He suffered with a mild but aggravating form of eczema and would refuse to put any harsh clothes on his body – even jeans were a no no, as his legs were often extremely dry and scaly. It was extremely difficult to persuade him to step out of his tired old trackies and put on something new.

Making our fabric the softest it could be became our mission – we aimed to not stop until Homebody material felt better than silk! It had to be a versatile, beautiful looking, flexible and suitable to sleep in, but most importantly, soft enough for even the most sensitive skin.

That fabric was and remains, the secret to Homebody and is why our loyal customers return each season to purchase our soft-touch Modal Sens loungewear and pyjamas.

Whether it is the nurturing quality of our Modal based fabric that enables the wearer to feel calmer and more restored, or its natural qualities stemming from its heritage of the Beechwood tree, that makes it uber comfortable for people of any age to wear, it has provided a solution for sensitivity. Forbes described Homebody fabric as "...unbelievably soft, cosy and luxurious. I wear it to work in, to sleep in."

We would like to share with you one of our customer’s stories:

Our customer, has two children and one of her boys suffers from ‘Sensitive Skin Syndrome’, a  nasty skin condition that leaves his skin inflamed and irritated. Her son was unable to wear anything without being in a continuous state of pain and irritation. After searching for something her son could wear during a long haul flight, she came across Homebody. After buying Homebody loungewear, her son has not wanted to wear anything else. Our range of soft-touch Modal Sens pyjamas was able to offer him comfort and allow his skin to breathe.

So why does Homebody works so well for people suffering with irritated skin?

Our Modal Sens fabric is made with yarn from Beechwood trees. No artificial irrigation or planting is required to grow Beechwood trees and so Beechwood forests are completely natural and sustainable. The fibres that we use in our Homebody pyjamas and loungewear have an unparalleled softness as the finer the fibers the finer the fabric. This is why customers with sensitive skin are able to sleep soundly with soft-touch fabric from Homebody.

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