Planning your Postnatal Wardrobe

Adapting your wardrobe for both during and post pregnancy is a real challenge as our body shape changes so quickly and knowing what looks and feels good can be very different at the beginning of having a baby to halfway through and of course afterwards.

Having had four children, I have learnt some tricks that have helped me to get through and even pregnancy and that crucial time after when we are dealing with new-borns and have no personal time to think about what to wear when day just flow into night in a blur of feeding and nappy changing!

We still want to look good during this crazy time in our lives as it helps lifts the mood emotionally and this week, I had the opportunity to chat to my daughter and obstetrician doctor @theobgymum Brooke Vandermolen and we dug down to chat about what clothes we thought work best during pregnancy and afterwards as our post-natal body slowly returns to normal. 

So, a flexible waistband will adapt to our thickening tummy area – there are maternity jeans around, but I found they only fitted up to about seven months as soon the crutch was hanging low, and the elasticated waist would not fit over my huge baby bump!

Post baby I was desperate when pregnant with Brooke, to walk out of hospital in my skinny jeans and even used an elastic to fix the top button but this was great inspiration to make soft flexible clothes that adapt with us for our busy lifestyles.

At Homebody, we have designed our harem trouser and flippy shorts with a clever fold up or fold down waistband that are perfect all the way through pregnancy and afterwards. This tricolour band will keep the tummy warm pregnant or not and if you are a low waistband girl, it is easy to fold the band over for a completely different look.

When breastfeeding, easy access for baby is key and I suggest button down men’s shirts or another suggestion would be our deep V neck T shirt or even layering tops with a Homebody cami vest underneath as a base layer, that can be easily accessed for hungry baby.

Finally, sensitive skin is a major issue for many women and their babies and having a fabric on the skin that is so soft and comfortable it can be tolerated by even the most sensitive, is incredibly nurturing emotionally - I personally believe that wearing Homebody can even promote bonding as we think our fabric is so tactile it’s a pleasure to be hugged in it!

Enjoy every minute of this special time, as it is so poignant and important and from personal experience, it really does zoom past before you know it!

Beverley xx