Why choose clothing that will last

As designers, it is critical for Susie and I to consider when creating our nightwear, not just what is fashionable now to wear, but also what will stand the test of time because we believe that is one of the fundamental principles of sustainable clothing!

We have been making our exclusive ‘Modal sens ‘fabric for over twenty years and why I hear you ask – because it is the perfect fabric season after season and because we always use it as our staple within the collection, it means that once you start collecting our lounge and nightwear, you never throw it away, you simply add to it!

We frequently get told by customers that they still have ancient Homebody styles that they still wear – slightly annoying as we wish they would buy more! But also, incredibly flattering as they know that the comfort they feel when wearing Homebody remains always and is even enhanced with time!

Today when shopping, we are constantly searching for more and for new freshness, but sometimes, particularly with what we choose to wear at home, it is so much more meaningful to simply hang on to and add!

At Homebody we believe in making clothes with the minimum waste - particularly now as globally we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year 95% of which could be recycled or reused – as Elizabeth Cline writes “We only wear our clothes 7 times on average before discarding them. “

We make small collections each season, we endeavour to use every drop of our fabric ordered and do not hold stock, but we also make clothes that will last!

So why does Homebody last so well?

  • We love a minimal clean aesthetic with a low-key brand identity that works so well for loungewear and each season we add fresh new colours, that blend perfectly with existing colours to create new and original ideas to wear to bed.
  • From a practical aspect, our fabric doesn’t shrink or change colour and if maintained well, it will look and feel as good as new for many years. This is the reason that Homebody sleepwear is such a luxury that is valued because it works!
  • It helps aid a great night’s sleep; it looks and feels great to wear and it will be much loved and relied upon for years to come!
  • Finally, last week we had a bad flood in our showroom, and we were so upset to see some of our heritage styles damaged that I have kept here for inspiration – but no worries because after a good soak and dry out they have, I am pleased to say, recovered fully and look as good as new!
That is why we are still making clothes after twenty years because Homebody offers that permanent wardrobe option, we all deserve and need in our wardrobes now more than ever!