What makes Homebody worth every penny

This week is the last week of our sale and will be the final time this season to try some of our spring summer Homebody sleepwear possibly for the first time at really discounted prices.

I wanted to explain in more detail just why Homebody is such a treat to wear around the home and to bed and why these styles are going to last and last and be treasured pieces that can be relied on to help relaxation and sleep!

Firstly, for those who don’t know, we make all our fabrics ourselves from sustainably grown Tencel Modal that we put our own distinctive finish on and have given the name “Modal sens’ – the reason being our incredibly soft fabrics appeal to the sense of touch on the skin – so vital as we try to unwind after a hard day. 

Homebody makes every piece of clothing in as environmentally friendly way as we possibly can, using local producers to reduce our carbon footprint, to creating styles for men, women and children that will be timeless and fit effortlessly with our daytime wardrobe as well. 

Every collection at Homebody is only available in small runs and this means we don’t hold stock and we sell out of styles quickly – this is a much more sustainable way of producing clothes and means that the styles that are on sale will not be repeated in the same colour or style – they are unique pieces that each season you can add to  as we simply add new colours and designs that flow perfectly from Winter to Summer.

Finally, if that is not enough, we are planting a tree for every purchase made, so it is a win win, and this is one sale you don’t want to miss!

So, I thought I would highlight a  few of my personal favourites this season to go for quickly before the end of the sale are:

For women, our slash Tee shirt in Black is such a great shape and works so well mixed with our shorts, pj trouser or for daytime super easy and soft to wear.

Also for women , we have a beautiful muted pink marl long sleeve top and matching shorts that are just so cute to wear for bed and another great investment is our Blush colour tracksuit in  our heavier weight SNUGGLE  – the fabric is a homely bright shade of pink that makes you feel warm, smiley  and special inside and out!

For men, we think the Liberty print shorts would be great with our navy vest – both on sale and so cool to wear for sleep especially during August when the temperature rises!

 For the kids, onestyle that I love is the Home sweet home t shirt – these have sold out in Harrods and is so adorable and again perfect for little girls to wear with jeans or on holiday! 

It’s good to remember our fabric has a sun protection of 50UPF + so ideal to pop into the suitcase if you do get away this summer and also think seriously about any of our Liberty printed jersey styles are a must – such great original pieces that embody a vintage feel with easy care – a perfect mix!