How to sleep better while you travel

Why is it so hard to sleep when you are away from home?

I love my bed, my pillow , my sheets, the whiteness of my bedroom, but unlike some people who are so obsessed with sleep they carry their pillows with them  wherever they go, I am not like that, I just expect my habitual sleep tricks to work...but sometimes they don’t.
Last night was just one of those nights
A new hotel bed, a clammy room, a mind that won’t switch off, it was tough and tempting to give up and watch tv, but that simply wasn’t the answer. I cleared my mind stretched my legs, a sip of water and began to breath deeply, and by doing so, the thoughts that had been keeping my eyes open started to float away. The next minute I remember waking up and it was morning.

So what are the tips for travelling without interrupting sleep patterns?

Continue to exercise ...I missed my routine and always find that missing that,  my body misses a really good stretch, particularly after sitting in one position on a plane. It could be a jog, a spot of yoga or even just a few exercises, but keep the routine going if possible.
Don’t nap on the journey ...try and save your sleep time for bed.
Take a familiar thing you have at home and bring it with could be any thing, but the best choice would be your familiar Homebody pyjamas.
A warm bubble bath before sleep will also help unwind. Alcohol, but not too much, as that can have the reverse effect. Switching off from phone, TV and  iPad is essential, but don’t forget to set an alarm ideally with hotel reception.
Try a good book!
A few minutes of deep breathing pre sleep, is going to really help mind and body to relax as Nadia Narain, a yoga teacher at Tri Yoga says about breathing management, “it is essential to feel calm and healthy - it benefits the brain, the heart and the whole nervous system.”
Eventually, on this rare occasion of insomnia I did fall asleep, partly thanks to the calming momentum of deep breaths and partly to remembering that I did pack my Homebody cami shorts and vest.
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