How to enhance your ‘moment of calm’ during a third lockdown

Life has never been stranger than it is right now, with our daily lives so disrupted and so much of what we previously took for granted everyday, having been taken away as we continue to fight the virus. This situation cannot help but have an effect on our minds and certainly in my home, we seem to be surviving on a ‘fight or flight’ mode every time we hear a newsflash we go into panic mode!–.

So how do we normalise these extreme times and get through it – here are some tips that might help and seem to be working for me:

Stay in touch with friends – whether it be by call, zoom, anyway just to have a chat can help and lift the mood – listening is a great skill !

Finding a new hobby to learn is so rewarding and really helps clear negative thoughts – I was taking a walk the other day and a black cabbie was leaning out of his empty car with a guitar on his lap – I asked him to play me a tune and it was awful but it was clear he was learning and he was smiling – love that!

Getting up  close to nature is so healing and I have been known to hug a tree on occasion – it reminds us that life will go on long after this pandemic is a distant memory!

If you are at home, sheltering, just looking out of the window at the sky or at birds can lift the mind, it all helps.

Physical exercise is amazing – it keeps the body agile and flexible, and whatever type of workout you choose to do, it’s a time for YOU that is so important. Also choosing the right time to work out is key – I prefer first thing but others prefer at the end of the day after work, finishing off with a spot of meditation.

Eating healthy is such a great way to introduce balance into daily life and just the preparing of food is a great way to immerse yourself into something creative and positive – particularly now as we need to improve our health and wellbeing.

Drinking a good amount of water is so helpful to feeling good – make sure you  stay refreshed and ready for the days challenges

Keeping to a regular sleep pattern is so helpful particularly now and removing tech from the bedroom will also help to achieve feeling well rested everyday.

Finally, for now, turn off the news wherever possible – if it isn’t helping your coping mechanisms don’t bother to stay up to date. 

Think of it like travelling long distance –  it is the one time you can be a relaxed passenger, able to enjoy the flight and switch off – we are on a journey, there is a destination, the vaccine, we just have to relax, enjoy this time at home and make the most of it  - this is of course totally achievable when wearing Homebody!

Stay safe and shop the collection xx