Homebody Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, Susie and I have been thinking about our holiday plans and how different this year will be compared to previous years.

As a city dweller desperate to leave England for a few days of sunshine, personally, December has been the perfect excuse to escape and recharge with our brood and I always love to hear Susie’s exciting Christmas plans each year, so different to ours, that generally involve a country retreat somewhere in Scotland with the family under a twinkly tree and it always sounds wonderfully cosy and fun with all the family together.

Well, of course this year is not going to be the same as usual for either of us with no holiday plans ahead and even the opportunity to spend time with beloved family has been stopped so how will we make the most of the coming weeks.

For me this Christmas holiday period will be spent at home with my family, and when possible, focusing on improving my fitness - so much of everyday even in lockdown has meant my usual exercise routine has been shortened so I look forward to deepening my yoga practice, and getting into my studio to paint - it is an amazing way to unravel  tension and really works for me as a de-stresser -

Susie with a younger family has filled up her diary already with exciting plans for Lapland and visits to Harry Potter studios - lets hope Covid allows and she can !

There is of course so much emotion around this very special time of the year, particularly when so many of us are not able to be with elderly relatives, or we are alone and not able to socialise as we would normally.

The best advise that I can share is to stay positive and enjoy every minute of this unusual time and try to make the most of  spending time at home or perhaps find ways to  lift the spirits of  others - there are so many struggling right now and simple gestures can make all the difference!

 So a few golden thoughts to keep moral up this festive season

  • Spend time on your facial routine - a good scrub everyday helps the spots stay away and keeps skin feeling fresh and adding in a splash of cold water, wakes up the epidermis of the skin
  • Take a walk outside everyday - fresh air is the best tonic and walk, cycle or run, any but just breathing fresh air ideally in a park or field for twenty minutes minimum again is a great positive way to start the day
  • Connect with friends and family - it doesn’t matter how often and let’s face it, we are all busy and it’s tough often to find time for a chat when we are not out and about bumping into friends casually, but now is the time to deepen those friendships you do have by making the effort to show you care, even if you haven’t spoken for ages - loneliness is very hard over the holidays and a call can really lift the spirits
  • Eat well. Nothing like good food to make us feel better about life! I am not a huge fan of cooking but I do love making a traditional Christmas meal and it is always fun to cook something special with all the trimmings to cheer us up combined with some festive crackers to get me along with the family in a good mood!
  • smiles are contagious - when we smile usually we receive a smile and that always makes us and the people around us feel better and that is a blessing in itself
  • Gift giving is by far the best bit of the holiday time and our family loves sitting round a table and unwrapping presents - who doesn’t !
  • As Homebody makes the BEST sleep and lounge sets available, that’s my family sorted! - we all want a Snuggle set this Christmas as they are so soft and comfy and come in such a great range of colours!

Bring some smiles to those you love this Christmas with Homebody.