Goodbye 2020 and welcoming a new year!

So it is coming to the end of a really long and challenging year for us all and it is so easy to look at the  toll Covid 19 has had on all our lives globally around the world:

From the many who have lost loving family and friends to those that have suffered financially as a result of this pandemic, whatever the reason, life will never be the same.

We at Homebody have always centred our energies towards developing products that increase a sense of of calm and wellbeing in our lives and in 2020, we have certainly needed this more than ever.

For Susie and I, the year has been hectic as always, but we have learnt so many valuable lessons from dealing with this adversity and we wanted to share with our amazing friends what we think have been positive thoughts that MUST stay with us as we head towards 2021:

  • The importance of thinking communally and taking responsibility to think of others before ourselves
  • That quality friendships far outweigh quantity of friendships
  • The value of health and waking up every morning – nothing should be taken for granted
  • Appreciation for every member of the family particularly if we cannot see them regularly
  • That being able to walk into a shop or a restaurant and not wear a mask will never be taken for granted!
  • Weather really can change our mood and to see the sunshine, makes a huge difference.

Finally, and most importantly, how the most important things in our wardrobe are the ones we know we can rely on day after day – and of course that means for that guarantee of a great night’s sleep - Homebody 

We at Homebody welcome a new year with a vaccine for us all hopefully and with memories of a time that we grew stronger and healthier in the face of adversity.

Beverley and Susie xx