Father's Day | What does a father look like in 2020

During these strange and unprecedented times when Covid-19 has affected all our lives in such an unparalleled way, we have been forced to slow down, be together at home, and really take stock of what is important in life.

I remember right at the beginning of the virus erupting in the UK in early February, love ones were struggling to survive the symptoms, and how frightened we all were about this invisible enemy that could strike us at anytime and indeed still can, it is still just as dangerous, we have just grown accustomed to living with Corona around us. Never had those we love seemed more precious and all those aspects of our lives we thought crucial to our existence, not even worth bothering about.

Now is the time to show those in our families just how important they are to us - and no one more so than the fathers.

Showing appreciation for the father in your life by giving him Homebody will mean assuring him of a great night’s sleep which is so important to general health and wellbeing in addition he will so appreciate the softness and restorative qualities of wearing our sleep and loungewear.

Father's Day presents 

This Father’s day is a beautiful moment to celebrate dads everywhere, particularly now with the current global news all over the world, it is so important to cherish those we love  and think about  the role they play in what we teach our children.

We need to teach our children to cherish the world they were born into and look after it.

We need to teach children of all races and genders love and mutual respect.

We need to teach our children that life is not a 100 metre sprint but a marathon and to enjoy every part of the run.

Finally, we need to applaud all the fathers and the contributions of those who enrich our children's lives with these lessons.

A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow’.



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