Sleep Journal with Emily Thompson from Top Little Things

What is your greatest challenge of being a Working Mum? 

The biggest challenge I have is defiantly time management and having the confidence to say ‘no’.  I’m very fortunate that I now work in a more flexible environment but managing work and personal time is always a challenge.

How much sleep do you get a night? 

As much as possible, most nights 7/8 hours. I enjoy nothing more than making an excuse to go to bed early ‘oh very busy day tomorrow, must get some extra sleep’ or ‘Jamie (my son) might wake early, best hop off to bed now’. Luckily my husband likes his precious sleep too (or an excuse to watch House of Cards).

What stops you from sleeping at night?

Stress, excitement, a full moon (and the biggest culprit is my phone)

What helps you to sleep when you can’t sleep? 

Not sure I’ve figured this out yet, but my husband confiscating my phone normally helps.

How did you find Homebody? 

Via my lovely friend Charlie (who has wonderful taste), then from first touch I was completely in love with the brand.

Stay tuned for Emily's Homebody Trial. 

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