Day by day…the importance of routine right now!

As we enter yet another week of lockdown in the UK, unable to spend time with loved ones, do the many things we usually do in our day, in fact, just leave the house to name one thing,  it is incredible how much we have taken took for granted for so long but I’m sure, never will again!!

The truth is that we all have and need our coping mechanisms now more than ever and I thought I would share my tips for managing those ‘Stay home’ blues.

Having a routine everyday that works for you and that you can stick to, is a great discipline to introduce into your life whether sick or well, as the mind and body will adapt to it quickly and it will keep you sane during these uncertain times.

It definitely isn’t easy if you are feeling terrible,  managing a house full of people as well as worrying about money and kids and all the many things on our minds right now but it may just  help to cope and keep anxiety at bay if you have even a semblance of a routine.

My Homebody routine

I love to get up, open the blinds and let the sunshine in first thing. Natural light really does help manage our sleep pattern and differentiating day and night and waking up to the beautiful sunshine we are currently experiencing will really uplift mind and body before we start our day.


An early work out is a great way to start your day.

Whatever exercise rocks your boat, give yourself an hour and try something different: A really simple tool I use and have been using for many years are exercise bands – they are so versatile for stretching and toning, you don’t need much space and I also am having a lot of fun with a skipping rope and a hoop – but that’s just me! Try to get some cardio in and some good stretches – do you touch your toes everyday??

There are so many online classes and teachers if you prefer to have someone advising you, but just do something!

Alternatively walking is always fantastic and putting headphones on and zoning out is  a brilliant detox to allocate time to – even twenty minutes everyday will do the trick.

After workout, whether it be work or home schooling, cooking,  give yourself wholeheartedly to the tasks in hand and eat lunch at a regular time.

Being productive during this time really does feed both mind and body and even if they are small tasks, like sorting through a long overdue drawer, it really helps you to think positively about your day.


Eating and sleeping well, and at regular times is a priority right now to be healthy, and simple fresh food that is easy to make is essential – I’m obsessed with salad mixed with a bit of protein as always trying to loose the weight I gained the night before from eating chocolate!

Start a hobby 

Having a hobby, if you have the time in between caring for others, is also a brilliant way of coping with daily Corona life and my day has been so enriched by spending time on my art practice and attempting to learn new skills. We all have creative juices flowing we just need to tap into them! A brilliant instagram account that has been started during the pandemic is called The Isolation school – give free lessons and some creative skills to kids and adults  is so much fun.

I personally would recommend not indulging too much in the daily news and particularly late at night before bed, as it will just cause concern and not be helpful mentally.


A better way to finish the day  would be learning to meditate, even for a few minutes as this keeps the mind calm and relaxes us physically as well.

When meditating, try to find a quiet space and empty your mind of all thoughts. Focus your mind on what is in front of you and try to block out all negativity, even if it is only for ten minutes, you will feel so much better and more importantly sleep better and be of better help to others.

With health catapulted to the top of our priority list, at Homebody we have always believed in the importance of sleep on your wellbeing and it is why we make our mens, womens and kids collections from fabrics we create from scratch here in the UK. That are breathable and super soft and comfy to lounge in at home and of course, sleep in. Putting Homebody on before bedtime just is such a relief for us every night.


Finishing your evening with a hot soapy soak and climbing into the familiar feel of our loungewear really helps the body detox into calmness – something in short supply right now!

Bedtime should be a similar time every night and keeping the bedroom a laptop,ipad and phone free zone, will keep those niggly negative thoughts at bay – even just thinking COVID19 worries causes the mind to buzz, so my suggestion is cuddle a loved one or a physical great book and allow yourself to drift into sleep.

These are just some of my tips for a routine that works for me during this long period of homestay, the trick for you is to fill your day with a routine that suits your needs and allows even if it’s a little bit of personal time to put the focus on YOU and your wellbeing …or as my son would say…”you do you…”

Stay well and keep smiling

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