Covid and The Benefits of wearing Homebody!

Last week, I contracted Covid – My experience felt like a bad flu and it drove through my body with an intensity that literally took my breath away!

Those first few days were brutal and it was so surprising and alarming at how quickly the virus spread through my body leaving me both weak and tired and also quite nervous actually when I saw once again for the first time those two lines on the flow test.

Going into isolation from the family once again, I wanted to build my bedroom nest with comfort and that didn’t mean just my laptop my favourite book and my headphones but also the clothing I chose to take with me.

To be able to feel the softness of our sustainably made fabrics against my skin, when I couldn’t stop coughing or sneezing, was amazing and I literally burrowed under the hood of my Oatmeal Homebody sweatshirt just to touch the snuggly comfort of home.

At night, I slept in our v-neck T shirt and boyfriend trouser and when my temperature fluctuated through the night, my body stayed calm and relaxed because of the thermo regulating qualities of our sustainably made ‘Modal sens’ materials.

I felt so grateful that we have developed a range of clothing  that really does help equip us to recover, heal quicker and better as a result of a great night’s sleep and Homebody genuinely really does what it says on the tin! – the only way to test my theory is to try for yourself – hopefully not because you have Covid but just for your everyday and  with our amazing sale now on, there are some great styles for you to experiment with !

Stay healthy, Beverley x