Choosing a gift for a loved one- the indulgent wish list

One of the hardest things to do, in my experience, is to buy the perfect gift!

Well, to be fair that is what my partner says about buying a gift for me! He claims that anything he buys I don’t like.  Funnily enough he’s right, but that doesn’t happen to him when I choose the present!

It was my friend’s birthday recently and she had her crossed fingers hoping that her beloved could read my mind and carefully select the twinkly bracelet she had her eye on and been mentioning for months.

With bated breath she held out her hands and guess what, it was the complete opposite to what she was expecting and nothing close to her dream gift.

Every year my poor long suffering loved ones would sigh with resignation when their presents didn’t meet my quality control!

My argument is why spend good money on something I won’t wear or use, when I can be very precise and tell you exactly what I want and we can all be relieved and happy!

So, one year after yet another rejected gift I decided to introduce the list!

What is the list I hear you ask? It is a selection of carefully curated items that I absolutely love at varying prices but that are not things I would actually buy myself, things I consider to be an absolute indulgence.

Once the list began, the whole family joined in and now every birthday or Christmas we make a gift list. This list has all sorts of prices for kids as well as loved ones, it works like a dream and if you are fussy like me, you might actually find your ideal gift under that tree without any unhappy trips to return the rejects!

So, my key ingredients to a great wish list are…


I love face masks – they come at all level of prices and they are just not something normally on my shopping list! This is a great stocking filler

Sisley Black Rose Cream mask is a real treat.


Phillip Kingsley’s Fabulous foundations gift set for rejuvenating and growing hair. Kingsley is the tricologist everyone in the know knows! He can do wonders for hair replenishment and general condition


If you haven’t already got a pair Apple’s wireless earpods are great! They feel so liberating to wear, the sound is pretty good and they recharge themselves when placed back in their cute little box.

Personalised Luggage Tags

For me this adds the exclusive touch – again there are lots of options on line Smythson have some beautiful options in different finishes.


I have my eye on a padded ottoman from Soho home – love to pop this in the living room – is it a coffee table or is it a seat!


For those cold winter evenings, how about a faux fur throw in ice white

Finally, a great addition to the list, that looks great, helps you relax and get a great night’s sleep and will be much loved – a Homebody set for men and women is the best present anyone can wish for and once bought you won’t ever have to ask what to get again! Arriving at your door beautifully packaged in our Homebody box, it truly is the luxury must have this Christmas!

Shop the collection here