Buy less, choose well

We often speak of clothes as “investments”, but that’s only true if you look after them properly, they are well designed and carefully selected.

Over the weekend I have been reading a really interesting book called ‘Cheap Chic’ that was published originally in 1975 and subsequently has become a kind of style bible for many stylists and designers.

The premise behind this book is that you don’t have to own loads of clothes to look amazing but much better to have a few well chosen edited pieces that will work now and forever…that message is as true today as it was then and it made me sit back and remember what I had the privelage of learning when I was growing up thanks to a style obsessed mother who knew how to play on her strongest assets and dress well whether she was a twenty something or a seventy five year old in a wheelchair …nothing held her back.

Her wardrobe was so good that when she sadly passed away, it was impossible to get rid of her clothes as they were still looking as good as the first day she bought them and just as relevant…WHY? Because she didn’t buy into what the magazines told her was the next big trend, she understood  that looking good links to feeling good and all her life invested in good quality simples styles that she knew would last and flatter thanks to great fabrics and a beautiful cut . – her labels included Bill Blass; Halston; Yuki;  a lot of Armani; a bit of Gucci – carefully selected pieces that she would wear time and time again. She also like the high street, but with a strong sense of self she edited it down to only what she knew worked for her bodyshape, age and shape – it’s a great lesson to bare in mind

So many of today’s trends, are reinvented ideas from long ago…the trainers for day wear; the ubiquitous white shirt (we were always looking for the perfect one as she knew that waskey to easy dressing; the best trouser suit ; the mac, the camel coat; a gold chain necklace,  it’s the ultimate 2018 wish list guess what – I haven’t had to buy any of it as I have held onto these cherished pieces.  Unable to part with them for sentimental reasons but mainly because they still look so damn good! Weekly I have a rummage through and mix up some vintage with some more current bits – dressing becomes more individual and fun!

With the high street already on sale thanks to Brexit concerns and our mild Autumn, the temptation for many of us to keep shopping  is a real problem our land fills attest to that with 235 million items of clothing going to landfill.

In the UK consumers only hang onto clothes for an average of 3.3 years according to Waste &Resources action programme  and one of the reasons for that is fast fashion – what’s in this week could be out next week.

As the introduction to the book states “We end up with far too many clothes, without stopping to consciously work out our own personal style”

The wardrobe I have largely inherited proves that classic good quality really does stand the test of time and it’s a very rare high street purchase I have made that remains because either it hasn’t lasted or the moment has passed.

At Homebody, we know our customer returns because they like the quality of the brand and they trust what we make will work in their wardrobe, is timeless and will be much loved on those days when only Homebody will do!

Being environmentally aware is a good enticement for all of us consumers to buy quality products, take better care of the clothes we already own and make fewer purchases that will work harder in the wardrobe  and the Homebody collection is definitely one, as we hear time and again from customers who still hold onto much loved  pieces we made many years ago and they still look great!

How to make your Homebody investment work for you!

  1. Always read the washcare label before you wash your garment – its amazing how many clothes get ruined in the washing machine – these are good tips for all your clothes including Homebody. 
  2. Wash same colour clothes in the machine together – do not mix lights with    dark. Keep whites separate
  3. Never never put knits in the drying machine – how often has a cashmere sweater been reduced to a handsize v neck due to bad aftercare
  4. Homebody can go in the machine, but in a COOL wash ie 30 degrees
  5. We prefer hand wash and hung dry for Homebody as this will keep that incredibly soft finish for a longer time
  6. Like when you see a tag on a pair of faded jeans, our finish is made to a very specific quality and the more times you wash your sleepwear the more it will alter the handle – some people say they prefer the feel of worn Homebody – it is very personal, but treat our fabric with gentleness and it will last forever!

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