Our bank holiday sleep travel tips!

Having just come back from travelling this summer, experiencing many different beds and environments, more than ever, I have appreciated how your sleep routine can very easily get messed up!

At home, we know what works and what doesn’t and hopefully can bypass those sleep stealers that prevent relaxation before bedtime.

However when we travel, for work or a break, it can be really tough to detox and chill in a strange place and all sorts of things like the weather, having the things around us we love, a strange mattress, (or for me the lack of a bath!) all these things mean that it just becomes a little more of a challenge to feel comfortable enough to relax and sleep.

For some lucky people, it doesn’t matter where they put their head, sleep comes automatically, but definitely as we mature (hate the phrase get older!) sleep disturbances are much more frequent and it can be really hard to stay asleep throughout the night.

So what can we do to avoid baggy eyes (apart from surgery, which I am fighting to avoid!)

A Sleep Routine... 

Build yourself a sleep routine that can be adapted but still retains some of those ‘home’ elements.

During the day I like to make sure there is time to exercise – without stretching the body, how can our bodies stay still all night long?

Yoga is without doubt the one form of exercise that links body and mind together and it always calms me down. When I squeeze in just a five minute meditation, my mind switches off – but it could have just as easily been a good walk - nature lifts our spirits – there are no rules as to what type of exercise, just doing something physical has huge benefits!

There is so much practical advice around on how to improve sleep but so little information on what is best to wear to bed, even if you are in a hot country.

There is no doubt that your choice of clothing – whether it be sleeping naked or wearing cotton pjs, plays a big part in your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

We are all creatures of habit and if your habit is to sleep naked and it works for you…fantastic! but, if you get into a slump and you are lying awake listening to the crickets and about to toss your pillow into the pool, it's important to change gear and try something else.

Why Homebody pyjamas? 

At Homebody, we make our fabric with a far greater amount of softness than any other modal available and that is why our sleepwear works so well for bed.

Homebody’s fabric has thermo regulating fibers that regulates body temperature during the night which alters as we sleep.

Keeping your nightwear consistent, comfortable and familiar will promote a sense of wellbeing and a feeling of ‘home’ so that that even when you travel to the most remote or random of destinations, despite the weather or environment, your routine will stay in place and sleep will be an every night occurrence.

Homebody is definitely the ideal travel companion as it is lightweight and packs so easily – just roll it up and it won’t crease!

Finally, a personal little travel beauty secret that I have learnt and would love to share with you:

  • Ask for samples of the beauty products you like to wear as it’s a great way to try new products and they travel really well even if you are just taking hand baggage.
  • The big stores are the best hunting ground as they are very happy to let you trial their products and if you put them in a transparent beauty bag instead of a regular wash-bag, you won’t have to use a plastic pouch in the airport! A win win!

Whether staying at home or travelling to some distant land, have a great break!

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