A Difficult Week...

Let's face it, every single one of us has been through difficult days, during this Corona pandemic.

Whether it is because you are home schooling, lost your job, split up with a boyfriend, isolating and lonely or simply feeling cast adrift from all the friends and family you love, whatever the reason it is definitely hard to remain positive and up beat – I discovered this only too well during my Covid weeks from hell!!

Two weeks ago, when Covid struck not just me, but many in my household, it felt far worse than anything `I had prepared for – it wasn’t just the symptoms and the worry for loved ones that got to me, but it was so obvious, that without a cure from the doctor and desperate to avoid going into hospital, the only solution was and is to heal ourselves.

The thing with Covid is our reactions to infection are so random – it isn’t about age or even fitness, we all react differently so any of us can be hit really really hard and that is the frightening part.

So what can we do to help ourselves – quite a lot actually!

My first survival tool has been meditation – it calms my mind and helps regulate my breath – as a bit of a panicker, this has been so important for me and I tend to meditate morning and evening – usually its guided  and I have a few that I like -  ‘chopra’ and also ‘my life’ are particular favourites.

Nutrition - Eating soft foods that are easy to digest is really important and even if the food isn’t that nutritious, little and often will keep strength up. Paracetamol every four hours can play havoc with the stomach so it's important to take medicine after you have eaten something.

Fighting a fever is exhausting and its important to allow yourself to sleep whenever you need, but with this virus, lying flat on the back is a terrible position – only rest on the side or on the front – this helps maintain oxygen levels

Wearing layers of clothes during the day will help as the body temperature fluctuates, and you can unpeel as and when you feel warm.

Keeping the face moisturised is such a great way to feel better – a bit of facial massage with a nice cool cream, just really helps us feel a bit pampered.

Turn the phone off as speaking for long periods and answering those boring questions of how you are feeling is actually not beneficial – it makes you reflect on how you are feeling – which probably isn’t great.

The news also doesn’t help! Occupy your mind with activities that don’t stress you out and allow time to pass – watching mindless TV is perfectly acceptable right now!

Don’t worry if you are not achieving right now, you may have thought you would read many books, take up gardening or become a great chef, none of it matters only healing and the key to that is of course sleep. 

Exercise Any movement or stretching is so important, as lying in bed all day can lead to blood clots and we know how amazing exercise normally makes us feel  - I do love restorative yoga and it is a nice way to end the day but if not, just gentle stretches and bends will help keep the joints moving.

The RIGHT clothing

The beauty of our Modal sens fabric is it actually adapts to the body temperature and that is so important with Covid, as a high temperature for long periods is really difficult to experience. Luckily our clothes are so soft and comforting and  they range from snuggly warm trackies to silky soft PJ sets and these are what we have been living in every night

We know we are not out of the woods yet, as we know that Covid can stick around for a long time, but if the minds is calm and the body rested, at least we are giving ourselves the best chance of healing quickly and completely!